O nas - Jakość

The Dawtona brand encompasses a very wide range of vegetable and fruit products, all of which are based on the highest quality natural ingredients and modern production technologies. Our advantage are the three production plants (in Błonie and Leszno near Warsaw, and in Lipno near Toruń), equipped with the most modern production lines, our own farmland located near the Kampinos National Park, as well as continuity and security of IFS/BRC certificate-based production system.

We ensure the highest quality of our products by controlling the process of their creation at every stage of production, from planting through harvest, ending with the processing of vegetables and fruits. We constantly monitor the farmland and the state of crops and select the appropriate pesticides. We carefully select the type of seeds and their varieties. We decide on the date and method of harvest. Harvested vegetables and fruits are stored in our specially prepared warehouses, which comply with the highest EU standards for ventilation, indoor temperature and humidity control systems. As the result, our packaged fruits and vegetables retain their flavor and fresh appearance for longer. Straight from the warehouse, the harvested fruits and vegetables hit the production lines, where professional workers aided by the latest machinery create the final product.